This month will be full of fun activities.  The children will be very busy making their top secret Holiday gifts.  They will also be practicing for their concert.  On top of all this, we will be having a super fun special.  Ivan the magician will be coming to school to put on a magic show for the children.  Ivan has been here before and his magic show is going to delight the children. Please check your calendar for dates. 
Holiday concerts


It is the time of year for Abigail Bottoms’ Annual Holiday Concert.  All concerts will be held on Friday, December 15th.  Please check your child’s calendar for the times.  Concerts will be held at The Christian Church of Holbrook, 1123 Broadway Avenue.  The Broadway Avenue location has an auditorium that can accommodate our families.

There will be no classes on the concert day.  Please bring your child to the Broadway Avenue location FIVE MINUTES (no earlier please!)  before the  scheduled time on their calendar.  It is very important that you are on time. Please bring them to the side door on the left side of the building.  The teachers need to line the children up for their grand entrance.

Although we realize that this may be your child’s singing debut and that you may want to share the experience with family and friends, we can only promise two seats per family. There will be standing room if you have more than two people who would like to come.  After the concert begins, the standing guests may take an empty seat.  Video taping is permitted.  Children will be dismissed immediately following their concert.

please call the day before, we will not be able to receive phone calls the day of the concert L

Congratulations to our tee-pee winner., Danica. Have fun!!!!!


fruit loops tree.jpg

Snow and weather related school closings will be posted on the Abigail Bottoms’ website and our Facebook page. We will also post on the News12 school closing website. 

Tuition reminder.  Payment #5 is due on December 15th.  Please submit payment before we leave for Holiday break.  Thanks!

All of us at Abigail Bottoms wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and relaxing Holiday Season. 
“Talk” to you  next year!!