SPRING IS COMING!!!!!!!!  Weather permitting, we will be going to the playground each day.  Please make sure your child is wearing sneakers and appropriate clothing.  

Two Year Old Classes
We are marching through our “alphabet” crafts and having lots of fun learning our shapes and colors.  We are learning to share and take turns with our friends. 


Three Year Old Classes
We are continuing to work on building fine motor skills.  This is done by working with scissors, painting and coloring with crayons.  If you would like to try some fun fine motor activities at home, you can have your child pick up pom-poms with tweezers or tongs and sort them by color.  Cup cake pans are perfect for this sorting activity.   

Four Year Old Classes
We continue to work on preparing your children for the big K.  They are learning to play cooperatively, to resolve conflicts, to wait their turn and to listen to direction.

In addition to these very important skills, the children are continuing to work on letter sounds and to write their names.  They have all grown so much!

Snow Closing make up days. We have taken a total of 2 snow days. Fingers crossed that there will be no more this year. 

For children who attend school, Monday, Wednesday and Friday the snow make-up day will be Friday, June 8th. (this is for the snow day that we took on Friday, January 5th)

For the children who attend school, Tuesday, Thursday the makeup day will be Thursday, May 24th.
(this is for the snow day we took on Thursday, January 4th.)

If you are planning to register for next year or summer camp, please do so as soon as possible.  Spaces are beginning to fill up.

st patricks day.jpg

Shamrocks are green.
Leprechauns are small.
Rainbows are beautiful.
We’ll have fun with it all!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!