February already!


In January, "Howard the Horse" from South Shore Pediatric Dentistry came to visit. Howard and his assistant have been visiting Abby’s for many years. It is a fun, age appropriate way for the children to learn about dental hygiene. The children enjoyed his visit.

We will be celebrating Valentines Day. We will also have another fun filled Village Day this month.

Two Year Old Classes

The children are settling in nicely and continue to make new friends.


They are having fun making projects, singing songs and listening to stories

Three Year Old Classes

The teachers are delighted with the socialization skills the children have developed. In September, the majority of them were either into isolated or parallel play, now they are interacting with each other and having fun.

We continue to work on our alphabet art series. The children love the “magic box” This activity helps the children identify what letter an object starts with. It also gives us an opportunity to introduce new, unfamiliar words to help build their vocabulary.

We continue to work on numbers 1-5.


Four Year Old Classes

The boys and girls have made new friends and are learning the fine art of cooperation, sharing and taking turns. Once a week the four year old children will be writing their names on lined paper. Each day they are getting more and more ready for Kindergarten!!

The four year old classes will be doing Show & tell for the next few weeks. Each child will have an opportunity to talk about their special toy, picture or drawing in front of their classmates. Please remember to bring something each week. Talking in front of their classmates will help to promote self-confidence in your child. Please use discretion on which toys your child brings to school. Be sure it is age appropriate and nothing too big please. No superhero weapons etc...

We began working on are Spanish program in January. In addition to introducing a second language to the children, the Spanish program helps to build their listening skills.

We will also begin introducing sight words this month.

Valentine’s Day Party (Check calendar for date)

If your child wants to exchange Valentine's Day cards with their classmates, please have them sign the cards. Make sure you have enough for each child in the class. It is not necessary to address each card on the outside of the envelope. The teachers will make sure that everyone gets a card.


If you are planning on registering your child for next year and haven’t done so, please do it now. Spaces are filling up quickly.

Payment # 7 is due on February 15th. (there are 10 payments in total) Tuition is due on or before the 15th of each month. Please have your payment in on time.