October Newsletter

Our school year is already in full swing and the children are adjusting to the routine.

Our 2 year old classes are being introduced to circle time, snack time, craft and story time. Separation will get easier for them as the the school year progresses. Thank you for your trust and cooperation.

The 2 year old crafts are in alphabetical order to make a train for our "alphabet adventure" Each week the train car represents a letter.

alpahbet arr a.jpg

The 3 year old classes have begun learning about the alphabet through our alphabet art series and our "magic" bag. The alphabet art is a hands on art activity that the children are able to accomplish all by themselves. We practice with letter recognition by reading our poem and going on a letter hunt to try and find the appropriate letter of the week. We are also having lots of fun making new friends and playing with our classroom toys.

The 4 year old children have begun working on their alphabet books. Each week we read a story with a focus on letter sound and recognition. We practice "reading" skills while learning the concepts of top to bottom and left to right. While "reading" we are trying to idenifty our weekly letter. Once we find the correct letter, we scribble over or circle it. The children are not expected to find them all and they will make mistakes. That is OK, we are just learning. Letter sounds are enforced with fun music, sing along and stories. We practice letter formation by writing our letters with "rainbow" writing.

Math concepts are being introduced. Throughout the year we will be counting, sorting, matching, categorizing, graphing and learning about math words and concepts i.e. : how many - before/after - in front of/ behind - same/different more/less.

All of our learning, for all of our classes, will be done in a fun and age appropriate way. We are going to be busy, busy, busy!

We will be having our curriculum day this month. (you should have already received the details) This day is to give you an outline of the activities we have planned for the year and to answer any "curriculum" questions you have. Please keep in mind, this is not a parent teacher conference. Those will be later in the year.

SPECIAL EVENTS: (please check calendar for dates of all specials)

I’m sure most of you know about our adorable Abby’s Village Square. We will be incorporating play in the village as part of our preschool program. Every few weeks, the classrooms will be set up as “stations” and the kids will rotate to each room for their daily activities. Please check your monthly calendar for "village day" dates. There are times we will throw in a surprise Village Day, just like we did in September.


CLASS PICTURES - We are happy to introduce you to our photographer, Michelle from Shel La Belle Photography. She will be here to take class and individual pictures for the 3 and 4 year old classes. You will be receiving a letter with information and dates. About a week after photo day, you will be receiving a proof of the photo and an order form. The package will have pricing and payment information.

The 2 year old class pictures will be taken in the spring.

ABIGAIL BOTTOMS ANNUAL HALLOWEEN PARTY - We would like your child to come to school in their pajamas. (regular shoes please - for safety reasons no slippers and no costumes.)

We will be having five parties throughout the year. Halloween, Winter Holiday party, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day (spring) and the End of the Year party. Each class has been assigned a class mother who will coordinate the parties. They will call about three people from the class list and ask them to bring in snack or juice. Everyone will have the opportunity to bring in something by the end of the year. Please do not bring in any food if you were not called by the class mother. There are so many allergies in all the classes that we try to keep our "menu" simple. If you would like to provide goody bags for the children, that is fine. Goody bags are not opened in school, they are sent home with each child. For easy distribution, we ask that you do not put names on the treats.

PUMPKIN PICKING AT ABBYS - The date is a surprise! Each child will pick out and take home a pumpkin. Happy Autumn!

Hurry, Hurry drive the fire truck. DING, DING, DING, DING, DING. Our visit to the firehouse is also this month. Information was sent home with your child.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Please help us prevent confusion with coats and jackets by labeling them with your child’s name. All backpacks, pocketbooks etc... also need to be labeled.

Thank you!