June already!!!! 


We’ve had lots of fun throughout the year.
We’re sad to say the end is near.
The children had fun at their spring time teas. 
They’ve even learned their ABC’s.
We’ve played lots of games and sang many songs.
We’ve made many friends to take along.
We’re happy to say how proud we are,
of all the children and their progress so far.
A wonderful summer is our wish for you.
Stay healthy and safe. Have lots of fun too!

It has been a wonderful year.  Thank you for everything!

Our last days of classes, which are snow make up days, are Monday, June 11th and Tuesday, June 12th.

We are very busy at school getting ready for our graduation and moving up ceremonies.  


The four year old Graduation will be on Friday, June 8th  The three year old moving up ceremony will also be on Friday, June 8th.  
Please check the online calendar for the times.  All ceremonies will be held at the Christian Church of Holbrook - 1123 Broadway Avenue.
  (Diagonally across the street from Merrimac Elementary School)

There will be no classes on ceremony days.  Please bring your child to the Christian Church of Holbrook at the time scheduled on his/her calendar. Bring your child to the left side of the building.  Once you drop them off,  you can proceed to the front of the building and wait to be let in.  

We will let you into the building after the families from the previous ceremony leave.  

It is very important that you be on time. The teachers need to line the children up for their grand entrance. 

*****If your child is unable to attend, please call the office as early as possible - 447-0044*****

Just a reminder:  You should have received the Abigail Bottoms graduation gown and cap.  There will be a drop box in the lobby of the church on the day of graduation, please remember to return the gowns once the ceremony is over.  You can keep the caps. 


graduation 2.jpg

Video taping is permitted.  Children will be dismissed immediately following the ceremony.

Time is running out to register for our summer programs.  Please call as soon as possible to sign your little camper up.
Classes begin in July! Don’t miss out!


Congratulations to all of our little ones. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.