April -  Happy Spring!   


Finally,  we will be able to play outside again.  Thanks to your generosity with the fundraiser, I was able to purchase a cool new playground toy. The children are going to love it!

If the outside temperature is 45 degrees or above, children will go out. Please remember they should wear closed shoes or sneakers.  Also, please label your child’s jacket.

Two year old classes.  

We are having so much fun with the children.  How can the end of the year be just around the corner?!  The time went so fast.  This month we will be busy learning about all things spring and working on surprises for Mother’s Day and our spring tea.  

We will be taking spring photos of the 2 year old classes.  The photographer will be here on April 18th and 19th.  More detailed information will be sent home with your child. 

Three year old classes.

We are getting to the end of our Alphabet Art series. The children are able to recognize the appropriate letter in each poem and feel great about their accomplishments!  They also enjoy being able to make the craft all by themselves!  They feel very proud of themselves and you should too!!

The children will be working on numbers 1-5 through a variety of counting activities.  

Four year old classes.     

We are beginning to plan for our graduation ceremony. Miss Cindy will be supplying the graduation shirt, (with the Abigail Bottoms logo on it), and cap.  Please be sure to return the shirt as soon as the graduation is over.  You can keep the cap.  We will have boxes at the graduation for you to drop the shirt in.  If you do not return the shirt, you will be responsible to pay for it.  The cost is $30.00

The children will be very busy this month with special surprises!  They will be preparing for the Spring Time Tea. (Invitations will be  sent home.) The children will also be making special gifts for Mother’s Day.  It is all very top secret, so please don’t ask questions.  Thanks!

We will be taking graduation photos of the 4 year old classes.  Miss Cindy will provide the cap and gown.   The photographer will be here on April 18th. More details will be sent home with your child. 


Registration for summer camp is still ongoing. Camp calendars have been sent home with your child. The four week program is structured like the school  year with a focus on fun and play.  We’ll also sneak in some educational activities.  Summer camp is limited to morning classes, which means space is limited. Please get forms in as soon as possible. 

In addition to our “traditional” summer camp, we have our Family, Fun and Friends toddler program.  (mommy and me)


The Family, Fun and Friends program is different than your typical mommy and me. The focus in on age appropriate play in our unique and adorable Abby’s Village Square which has been designed specifically for the preschool child. The program is for children 18- 30 months. Each class includes play in the village, craft, snack, circle time, story time and music.   

Registration information for the 2 year old summer camp and the mommy and me was sent home with your child and is available on our website.

To guarantee your child a spot, please register soon.

If you plan on registering for the September 2018 school year and haven't done so,  now is the time.  Ge those registrations in to guarantee a spot.

That's it for now. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call.