Experience is the best teacher and Abigail Bottoms has been providing preschool education in a safe and fun environment for over 35 years.

Young children are eager to learn and are naturally curious about the world around them. We understand that every child learns in a different way and at a different pace. We believe children learn best by doing. We provide them with a loving, caring environment where it is safe to take risks, to make mistakes and to discover their world.

Abigail Bottoms has small class sizes with highly qualified early childhood professionals. Children receive personal attention and encouragement, We provide a structured learning environment while allowing flexibility within that structure.  Peek into one of our classrooms and you will see a well balanced program that includes, play, socialization, an interactive learning environment, music, movement and age appropriate pre-literacy and math activities.  Our approach to early childhood education has been successful for over 35 years because we consistently evaluate and modify our program to adapt with the changing times.

 Listed below are the programs we offer:

  • Two year old separation program. This is designed to help children develop socialization skills and to help them acclimate to the preschool environment. Read more about the two year old program here.

  • Three year old program. The children develop essential skills through participating in various classroom activities. You can read more about the three year old program here.

  • Four year old Pre-K. In addition to friendships and fun, our focus is to sufficiently prepare the children for Kindergarten. Read more here.

The owner of Abigail Bottoms , Miss Cindy, is a lifelong Sachem resident whose own children are Abby's alumni. Read more about Miss Cindy here.

For more information about our school, please call 447-0044 or email Miss Cindy personally at Abigailbottoms@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can welcome your child into our family.